About Winding River Land Conservancy

Winding River Land Conservancy has worked directly with families, nonprofit groups, state agencies and local municipalities to provide permanent protection for many properties. WRLC has worked to protect agricultural land and non-agricultural land such as forests, wetlands and other important wildlife habitat. WRLC has especially focused our work on the communities of Agawam, Blandford, Granville, Montgomery, Russell, Southwick, Tolland, West Springfield, and Westfield.

WRLC's work has included development of agricultural preservation restrictions for agricultural land, conservation restrictions for nonagricultural land, accepting gifts of land or development restriction donations from families and other parties. We have worked with families, nonprofit groups and local municipalities to help them apply for and receive funding for land protection, including assisting with grant applications to provide resources for land protection.

The Winding River Land Conservancy is dedicated to the conservation of open space and protection of our natural environment.

In pursuit of this goal we seek to:

  • Provide information to landowners regarding land protection.
  • Educate landowners on the techniques and important tax benefits of land protection.
  • Provide general conservation and environmental education.
  • Receive donations of land or development restrictions to promote community character and prevent unplanned sprawl.
  • Receive monetary gifts that can be used for the protection of land. Work with the local, federal, state and private organizations to protect

We especially thank the generous individuals and families who have made commitments to protect their lands and the many people who have donated money to Winding River Land Conservancy.

2021 Board of Trustees

Rosemary Arnold, President
Seth Kellogg, Treasurer
Mary Elizabeth Martin
Gail Santoro

Administrative Staff
The Franklin Land Trust (FLT) will be providing administrative support for WRLC.

Please contact FLT at 413-625-9151 or mlsabourin@franklinlandtrust.org

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Success Stories

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